A Hotel in Mardin, Like a Fairy Tale


We are going to visit a hotel in historical city Mardin, (Mardin is a love story)






Mardius was one of the former names of Mardin, whose name was taken from the same name Sasani commander who built Mardin during the Sassanian period.


mardius-tarihi-konak (16).jpggetlstd-property-photo.jpg

It is reported that this mansion is one of the oldest structures of Mardin and its construction is based on 1500 years.


img (1)



Then the mansion was  bought by the Ensari family and the family lived  here for a long time. For the memorial of his family and his wife. they started many successful projects in its field and started with the project prepared by Neset Güne, the owner of Profit Interior Architecture, on 21.02.2011. Mansion(Konak) was completed on April 15, 2014. Their  work almost has been faithful to the “original” -even as they make changes that will improve the building, or adapt it to present conditions.




The rooms  are given the names of the members of Tahir Ensari and Peyruze Ensari (condominium)  family living in this mansion.

mardius-tarihi-konak (2)



mardius-tarihi-konak.jpgmardius-tarihi-konak (18).jpgmardius-tarihi-konak (9).jpg

Mardius Historical Mansion; doors, cabinets are used in the rooms, dressing cabinets called “console” in Mardin, in short, all the materials are used in the mansion are loyal to the original.


In Mardin, is the historical city in Southeastern Anatolia, the sparkling necklace of  the Mesopotamian plain’s earthly heritage,…and  this historical mansion/hotel, has a speacial  kitchen of Mardin’s cuisine, in  “Kam’or Restaurant, they keep  on reflecting the boutique gastronomic cultures of the Southeastern Anatolian Region on a single spectrum in a colorful manner. The city, which has the most unique identity of food and beverage culture, is living with gastro-orient culture for centuries.

Mardin presents her own oriental food culture under the name of Boutique Gastronomy in the frame of being a first, Mardius Historical Mansion with the food stories of the culinary traditions of the family of the Ensari from the rich and wealthy families of Mardin.


rooms and cuisine in next post.




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