Cuisine of Erzincan

Erzincan cuisine is all about variety and the region is famed for its sumptuous melt-in-the-mouth pastries. The dishes to savor while here are definitely kete, esgili, kesme çorba (flour soup), yaprak sarma (leaf wraps) and su böregi.

The Erzincan version of fried and roasted chickpeas and Tulum Peyniri (Bagpipe cheese) are foods that are to be both eaten and packed away as souvenirs. Genuine Erzican mementos are the lovely carpets and handcrafted copperware like samovar, sugar bowls, trays, trinkets, vases and wall plates.










kesme çorba.jpeg

patlıcan turşusu.jpg



5 thoughts on “Cuisine of Erzincan

  1. Fascinates me too.. I haven’t traveled too, and all these cities are in my mind as I learned when I was a child in the school, and with internet and social media, and photographs, I can see how changed the cities in great Anatolia, and there are so many archeological areas too, I am searching them too. Makes me so excited, I want to travel and to see by myself too. Thank you dear José, love, nia

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