Memories / Old Mansions

I was born in the mid-Anatolia… It was a small town but now it is a big city…. As everything changed in this world, villages, towns, even cities changed too…. So, I really miss my days, my childhood days in the mid-Anatolia… All seasons were coming with their beauties and riches…. I knew how grew a tomato, or an apricot… I knew the bread that we ate everyday, where was coming from… I was there during the harvest time of the wheat fields… I knew how it was under the burning sun of summer time….

And I remember the houses where I grew up and lived…

In these days, it is so popular to turn the old house to the boutique hotel… Villagers are happy for this. Because their forgotten village, becomes popular by tourists… From a broad and also from our country… People want to stay in the nature,  and want to live village life…  Of course, not easy to change an old house to a hotel… Restoration is the great part of this project. They keep the originality/naturalness in these houses…

There are many mansions in Anatolian cities. Most of them are historical and cultural heritages.

When I was a little girl, I remember, my grandfather’s and grandmother’s house… It was a typical Aegean house. In Aegean region the weather was warm even during winter too, but inland of the region winter could be very hard. My grandparent’s house was near the Aegean coast. So the weather was warm but during summer it was burning as if…

Because of the weather condition, one of the walls of the house wasn’t built. It was open like a balcony, veranda or porch. There were two rooms opening to the veranda, one of them my grandparent’s room, the other one was a guest room. All life was passing in this veranda. There was an open kitchen too there… There wasn’t refrigerator at that time and they were keeping the foods in a wire cabinet, meat-safe… There was a fire place cooking all meal there as oven…

There wasn’t table and chairs… we all sat on the carpets, and rugs for dinner. There was a big wooden circle or large and round tray used as a table and we were around it and eating our meals… Floor table we can say… Whenever we visited my grandparents, my family bought them a table and chairs. But when we left there, villagers wanted, and my grandfather couldn’t keep them and gifted to the villagers who wanted.



Some of you may remember these photographs from my childhood days that I posted on my B&W blog.



My grandfather, he was sewing/repairing his hat. It was so precious for him. The hat was the symbol of the modern Turkey with Atatürk. I am sure I told about him, my grandfather was a imam and hafız, means  who has learned the koran by heart… He was secular and democratic…. He followed Atatürk with all his mind and heart. He was a modern person… He knew what means all these new happenings in my country.

This photograph (above) was taken in their house, in the veranda…. There are two rooms there, you can see…

And now, I am going to share an old mansion from Aegean region, turned to a boutique hotel. But you can almost see the house… Took me into my memories again,….




And another photograph from my childhood days, with my grandfather and my uncle, there was a window open to the street… but again we are in veranda, right side is the wall and rooms… left side opening and going to the garden…


They hand’t had two windows as below mansion,


images (5)


saliha-hanim-tas-konak (2)

Saliha Hanım Taş Konak Botique Hotel


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