Birgi, Çakırağa Konağı, İzmir





Another historical and old mansion in the Aegean region, named “Birgi, Çakırağa Konağı” (Birgi, Cakiraga Mansion)….

There is a romantic story about this old mansion.

It is one of the rare mansions, whose architectural style special to the Aegean region could be protected until today. The Çakırağa Mansion, which was built by leather merchant Şerif Ali Ağa in 1761, is shown as one of the rare structures that protects the architectural style unique to the Aegean region until daylight.



– “Ladies longing for the country …”  For this reason he wanted to be painted all walls with İstanbul views in the house.





The ground floor walls of the mansion having three floors, external sofa, double large wooden house rooms are made with stone building and the mid and upper floor walls are made with fill in wooden framework technique.


in eleven months, 40 thousand visitors….




Entrance to the mansion having an internal garden is provided via two separate large, wooden doors. In the ground floor covered with stone plates, the locations for the service personnel, guard, guest acceptance, stable and hayloft are located. Access from the ground floor to the upstairs is provided by a wooden stair having rails. In the intermediate floor, having a lower ceiling in comparison with other floors, which is used in winter, there are five rooms and a toilet. From the hall of the intermediate floor, the upper floor having a high ceiling, which is used in summer, is reached again with a wooden, internal staircase. The upper floor has a long, rectangular plan with an open sofa, as is the case for the intermediate floor. It has two doorsteps, two projections, two large wooden house rooms. The ceilings and walls of the upper floor are ornamented with rich plant and fruit motifs and city panoramas. The windows provide illumination in the form of two rows, being flat in the lower part and arched stained glass in the upper part.





The mansion, which has been constructed in the second half of the 18th century and the restoration of which is understood to be made in the first half of the 19th century draws attention with the wood workmanship and panoramas. These ornaments have reached today without any deterioration.




The mansion, which has been used as a residence until recent times (1950), has been transferred to the Ministry of Culture. The repair of the mansion has been started in 1977 and some houses around the mansion have been nationalized in 1983. After the completion of works for the internal arrangement and exhibition, the mansion has been opened for visit in 1995. Another place that is open for visit is the oriental house just beside the mansion.


The house has three different levels, which all have their own character and charm. On the ground floor there are stables where the military horses were once kept. The first floor is home to the bedrooms, which are elegantly decorated and would once have been lavishly furnished. The upper floor has stunning high ceilings and a picturesque view of the lively streets below.




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