Black Sea Cuisine

Anchovy is the king in the Black Sea region… All meals with them…





artvin-yemekleri (1).jpg

And another one, well-known, is “Muhlama”, on the top first image,

Mıhlama is simply corn meal cooked in butter, then made to a pudding like consistency by the addition of water and lots of melting cheese… The last step is to pour melted, browned butter on top… This is one of the main dishes of Eastern Black Sea Region of Turkey… It showcases some of the main produce of the region: cheese, butter and corn; and does it well. The simplicity and easy preparation of this dish made Mıhlama one of the most cooked dishes because in the past hard-working Black Sea women do not have time to cook dishes with long preparation time since they work in the agricultural lands over the mountain slopes and also take care of their cattles… It is eaten together with Corn Bread, which is another staple of the region.









3 thoughts on “Black Sea Cuisine

  1. Same, Turkish coffee… but Black Sea region is the place where we plant tea there… and famous with her tea…. in my country we all drink this tea… Thank you dear Josh, have a nice day, Love, nia

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