Cross-Stitch / Kanaviçe

In Anatolia, most of women like doing cross-stitch works.  Actually traditionally, it is a part of richness of a young ladies too… Their wedding chests are full of with many pieces of this work. Especially the bed sheets are being made with cross-stitch touches…

Still it is a part of our culture… I love to make cross-stitch too… Even in these days I try to make a little pillow… when I finish I will share with you all.

There is amazing creative woman in this area, Filiz Türkocağı. She turns our traditional İznik tile patterns to cross-stitched fabric pieces…. Inspired me a lot. She also makes these pieces with an apply of decoupage technique to lamp shades, or cupboards, or canvas…… They are standing amazing.

All patterns belong to Filiz Türkocağı, she published them in a magazine and people made them from there. Here are some of them,




Filiz Türkocağı, she is making an old traditional lamp with cross-stitch,


If you click here, “ filiz türkocağı iznik çini desenleri kanaviçe

you can find the patterns….






filiz türkocağı.jpg


images (20)images (18).jpg090984c5f1719da51dc18e6c62282e61.jpg

12 thoughts on “Cross-Stitch / Kanaviçe

  1. An intersting post. We have also the tradition to have a wedding chest. The patters are so beautiful, most of all I like the photo of a bed, those sheets and a pillow are amazing.
    Thank you for showing these to us.

  2. I like the traditional patterns especially. When I was a young girl, I started with stamped patterns, or working on gingham,but I never did well with counted cross-stitch. Her work is beautiful. The little white chests with the inserts are unusual, and very nice.

  3. This is interesting for me too now dear Rantasalot, a wedding chest in your culture too… But of course in modern life, it’s been forgotten now… until a few years ago, there was still my wedding chest in the home. We painted with my son when he was a small boy… I always kept it as a decoration in my living room. Then one day I gifted to a young lady who was getting married. Do you know what makes me so happy about this, when you open the wedding chest, memories and smelling come up…. Smell is usually being lavender…. in a small bags… The most beautiful and enjoyable thing to search in inside… My grandmother’s and my mother-in-law’s…. when I liked something they always gifted me…
    Anyway, I really went to my memories now… Thank you dear, Love, nia

  4. Fascinated me dear Colline, I am following her now, and I want to make one of her cupboard project with iznik tile pattern… Thank you dear, Love, nia

  5. Dear Linda, sometimes (maybe more than I think) we come across with our traditional parts of our cultures… I mean I can also come across in your blog posts, This is so beautiful actually, all summer holidays, I did something like that… but when I was a young girl, I wasn’t patient one… so long time works made me bored… I can’t believe myself now, patiently I make… Thank you dear Linda, Love, nia

  6. I agree with you, I love traditions too, and also makes us rich… I am glad to hear this, Thank you dear, have a great day too, love, nia

  7. I can imagine… But it stayed in the past… new generation doesn’t make… and also do not appreciate too… It is sad and shame of course… Thank you dear Josh, it was so nice to hear from you and connection between mother made me happy. Have a nice day, Love, nia

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