Jewelery Art, Inspired by Hittites


The Ninda collection is inspired by the Hittites, the Hatti people with 1000 deities, and their use of the triangle shape which symbolizes ‘goodness’ in their hieroglyphic writing.

The collection was named “Ninda”, since this word means “bread” in the Sumerian language, and was also the key word used to decipher the Hittite language. The first sentence which was translated read “Eat bread and drink water, too”.

Canan Alimdar is inspired for her work based the Hittite seals, figures, designs on tablets, clothing and hieroglyphic ideograms, rather than Hittite jewelry. The circular earrings which were often seen in the documents of the related era, along with bracelets and chains, are specially designed as jewelry items in her collection, and are very exquisite.

The triangle form, the other inspirational shape used by designer Canan Alimdar, symbolizes goodness, femininity, city and country in the hieroglyphic writing, according to its usage in this ancient lexicon. The use of the triangle throughout her collection, emphasizes “goodness through the hands of women to the world”, this also is the motto of the exhibition.

There will be seminars, speeches and workshops about the Hittites, under the umbrella of the Ninda collection’s exhibition which will run from February 9, 2017 thru March 13, 2017.

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