My Lunch Time Was in Bucharest Today!

You know me, I am a crazy one, but really I felt (I wished) to be there while I was watching the travel program on TV channel. They were in Romania and then they went to have lunch in one of historical and old restaurants in Bucharest. I should share with you too now.


“Beer With Beer”…. its original name, “Caru’ cu Bere”…

“With God’s faith and will all come together.

Hard work, patience, energy and honesty – to the desired ideal”

Nicolae Mircea, Founder of Caru’ cu bere, 1898


On March 10, 1898, based on the project prepared by the architect Zigfried KOFSINSKY, the Department of the Technical Works from Bucharest issued the Building Permit no. 12 of March 10, 1898 for Mr. N. MIRCEA.The new building opened in June 1899. The building unfolds as follows: basement – cellars for wine and beer barrels; high ground floor – hall-like restaurant; two floors – housing for the owner and employees; and a wide attic.




caru cu bere.jpg






4 thoughts on “My Lunch Time Was in Bucharest Today!

  1. What a beautiful place, Nia! I have caught up with you again. Thank you for introducing your readers to so many beautiful, interesting, historical places!

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