Some words can’t be translated in English language. As this one, “sereserpe”… When I check on dictionary, I find them, “sprawl or comfortably”…

Whenever we pass in front of this restaurant, its name hits me. And every time I say to myself, I will search what means… Because in my language/culture the title for a restaurant is very odd! So you really wonder what means its name, and what kind of restaurant,…etc.

This time, when I came home, I searched on Google. WOW! It is a famous restaurant and origin was Ankara, the capital city of my country and then the owner opened another one in İstanbul too. As I learned, it’s being very popular but not popular for women..

On searching I read this, “If you are looking for a different restaurant, this is exactly what you are looking for. There is not knife, fork, and even plate! Your grilled meatballs coming on a grilled half bread… But the  speciality is the salad. Coming with many green herbs… Maybe one day I can visit there, just for taking pictures and my own videos…

For dessert menu, there are two choices, because they can serve them with toothpick in  stead of fork! One is oven baked pumpkin in syrup and another one is dessert of walnut. As they say, at the end they serve wet wipes too…

Ankara Sereserpe Köftecisi



Sere Serpe tatlı 2.jpg


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