Cacık, is very refreshing on hot summer days. Can be used as an appetizer or as a dip. And we love it so much.  Maybe some of you already tasted and know this, but for who never tasted, I try to share for them here,



It is very easy to make cacık. All you need is, “plain yogurt, water, salt, garlic, cucumbers and fresh dills or dried mint…

For two cups yogurt, you should use one cup water…. (cold water)

garlic as your wish, I add a little one (grated)

and three big cucumbers

First you grate cucumbers in a deep bowl (or a big jug),

then add yogurt , water and salt and garlic then beat them with hand or with mixer … and leave it in refrigerator…

You can serve with your meal, in a small bowl with dills or dried mint….

Believe me, it is so delicious…

Good appetite!


7 thoughts on ““Cacık”

  1. sounds yummy, nia!
    i grew up eating
    what my grandmother called “junk” salad.
    all the ingredients you mention
    plus, radish and extra
    garlic 🙂

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