New Type of Magnet

Scientists discover new type of magnet

‘Singlet-based’ magnet attracts promise for enhanced data storage

February 7, 2019
New York University
A team of scientists has discovered the first robust example of a new type of magnet — one that holds promise for enhancing the performance of data storage technologies.

Yeni bir tür mıknatıs geliştirildi

Yeni bir tür mıknatıs geliştirildi

Yeni bir tür mıknatıs geliştirildi


Yeni bir tür mıknatıs geliştirildi


Yeni bir tür mıknatıs geliştirildi

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Communiation is everything…

to talk, to speak, to listen, to learn, to teach, to help, to create peace, to understand,….etc.

But most of them communication is to share.



San Sebastian Cheesecake By Chef Ali Açıkgül

San Sebastian Cheesecake.jpg

The story of San Sebastian Cheesecake begins in 2016 at the Gastronomika festival in San Sebastian, Spain.

Chef Ali, who has heard much of La Viña’s fame  in San Sebastian, decides to visit this tapas bar. As soon as he enters, he experiences an odd smell and a sequence of lined up cheesecakes. Chef Ali, enjoying the taste of these burnt cheesecakes that are outside the usual image, he was fascinated by this experience and finds himself eating the famous cheesecake of La Viña every evening for the remaining 5 days.

When he returned to Turkey, with the flavors in his mind and palate,  he decides to try in his own kitchen. Chef Ali brings this special cheesecake’s  flavor to the lovers under the name of “San Sebastian Cheesecake” at Sirha 2016 Istanbul Fair after a few attempts.

Chef Ali, who never gives up trying and producing, continues to try and develop his recipes every day for a year. During this time, the number of people who try San Sebastian Cheesecake  propose to share his recipe increases, he prepares a book to compile his recipes and share them with culinary enthusiasts.

Chef Ali Açıkgül, talking about his book, “I wanted to break the perception of cheesecake in this book, along with the recipes in this book content. vegetables, products and spices that we can add, I used a total of 12 different cheese, I’ve created sixty different recipes. I hope you, as well as try and taste at least as much as you enjoy. ” he says.
“I wanted to break the perception of cheesecake in the mind. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do while trying and tasting.”

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